Flawless beautifull skin

Everything that you eat and drink reflects on your skin. The more healthy food and drinks you will consume, the more healthier and beautiful your skin is going to appear.
I am here to share a secret juice recipe with you guys (well not so secret anymore) that will detox all the toxins in your body and will make your skin looks smoother, clearer, and prettier than ever!


You will need:
2 Cucumbers
Half of a Ginger 
Lemon juice
Half a glass of water

Cut the cucumbers and ginger into small pieces and pour them into a blender along with half a glass of water and squeeze a lemon in it as well  and let it blend for a few seconds.
And there you have it! Your magic potion to flawless skin., haha.
I would suggest you to drink it everyday for faster results.

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