Simple Skin Care Routine

Simple Skin CareThe Best Skincare Tips For Men And Women

When you look at all the skin care products at the stores, you will be overwhelmed. You feel like you’ll never be able to figure out which one is best. Sales people are not always on your side because they can prompt you to buy the wrong skin care product.

Yes, all people fall victim to hype and good advertisement and buy something they later regret buying. You will really have the very best results for your skin if you avoid making rush buying skin care products and just by sticking to the basics of skin care.

Simple Skin Care Tips No.1 – Cleanse, Moisturize And Exfoliate

How much time do you devote to your skin care routine every day? If you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, follow the three basic skin care routine, which includes cleansing the face twice daily, moisturizing and exfoliating. It is best to choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. Oily skin individuals can use cleansers especially made for oily skin and dry skin individuals should stick to products for dry skin. For those with oily skin, using facial scrubs can help reduce oil.

Simple Skin Care Tips No.2 – Choose Water Based Make Up


To avoid pimples and tiny bumps forming on your face and body, you should try to avoid wearing make-up. However, there are times when you can’t avoid putting foundation or cosmetics especially if your work entails you to meet people. To prevent further skin damage, choose water based cosmetics. You can find foundation and mascaras that are water based. Also, make sure that you clean your make up brushes regularly. Dirty brushes are good places for bacteria and microorganisms to live. So, wash your make up brushes regularly with soap. Afterwards, rinse with water. Let them air dry.

Simple Skin Care Tips No.3 – Use Sunscreen

Excessive sun exposure can cause your pimples and acne to worsen. To prevent further skin damage, you can apply sunscreen on your face and body before going out. Choose sunscreen products that have high SPF value. If you can find a product with SPF value higher than 15, then better. You can also apply sunscreen even when it is cloudy or rainy outside to make sure that your skin is protected.

These are just simple skin care tips to keep your skin always beautiful and healthy. Remember that your skin reflects your general health. A healthy and smooth skin means that your body is healthy. Aside from the tips mentioned above, you should also eat healthy foods. Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet will guarantee you a fresh and good-looking skin. Take good care of your skin because it affects the way you feel about yourself.

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