Skin Lightener

Skin LightenerWho Else Wants a Fair And White Skin?

Do you wonder how skin lightener products help even out dark discolorations on skin? Its active components determine how effective it is in terms of whitening the skin. The following are the most commonly used ingredients in skin whitening products.

Skin Lightener Ingredient 1 :Kojic Acid

The Kojic Acid is an active component that is used for treatment of dark spots and over pigmentation on the skin. It is used to replace the Hydroquinone, once to be known as an effective skin whitener but was discovered to have side effects. Research showed that this is very efficient as a lightening agent, suppressing the melanin formulation on the skin.

Skin Lightener Ingredient 2 :Lemon Juice Extract

Lemon Juice is one of the natural skin bleachers. However, in order to avoid skin irritations, small concentrations should be mixed with the skin lightener. Too much amount of this ingredient will result to dry skin.

Skin Lightener Ingredient 3 : Licorice Extract

The licorice extract, an active element of the Meladerm, is not used only in skin whitening, but is used also in other areas of skin care. One of its components is the glabridin, known to be a good whitener because it prevents the activation of tyrosinase. Also, this is very safe to use since it can whiten the skin without threatening the health of the user.

Skin Lightener

Skin Lightener Ingredient 4 : Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that can be found fruits and vegetables. It comes usually in the form of ascorbic acid. When applied to the skin, Vitamin C reduces the formation of the dark pigment on the skin, resulting therefore to fairer and brighter skin.

Skin Lightener Ingredient 5 : Mulberry Extract

This ingredient is used also in replacement of Hydroquinone. Mulberry extracts may be from white mulberry and paper mulberry. It contains arbutin, an inhibitor of the production of melanin on the skin. Pure forms of arbutin are more effective in the whitening of the skin.

Skin Lightener Ingredient 6 : Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid does not only exfoliates the skin but promotes the improvement of skin appearance by reducing wrinkles, dark pigmentations on the skin, and acne scars. It lightens the skin by peeling the outermost layer of the skin, usually the dead skin. A precaution when handling this acid: it is a very strong irritant so proper amount should be used only formulations of skin care products.

These are just some of the most commonly used skin lightener products. To ensure safety, check the label of the product prior to use.

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